Mohammad Movahedi Azad, Iran's attorney general

Iran's Attorney General Uses Fears Of Foreign Threats To Entice Voter Turnout

Thursday, 02/01/2024

As the regime fears a national boycott of upcoming elections, Iran's attorney general has played on foreign security threats to incentivize participation.

Speaking on Wednesday, Mohammad Movahedi Azad stated, "Holding elections and the people’s turnout ensures the country’s immunity against enemy aggression."

The claims were unfounded, and come amidst Iran's proxy war being waged across the region.

As Iran gears up for parliamentary and Assembly of Experts elections scheduled for March 1, the country stands at a pivotal juncture, particularly with the assembly responsible for appointing Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei's successor.

The upcoming elections hold weight not only in terms of leadership transitions but also in affirming the regime's legitimacy. However, concerns loom over anticipated low voter turnout, with recent polls suggesting a potential decline compared to previous records, sounding alarms among authorities, including Khamenei, who have historically linked high turnout to regime credibility.

Nevertheless, a growing sense of disillusionment pervades various segments of Iranian society, fueled by perceived failures in addressing socio-political grievances, widespread corruption, and restrictions on freedoms with brutal oppression.

Many Iranians, skeptical of the regime's promises, have chosen to abstain from electoral participation, viewing it as futile in bringing about meaningful change.

Despite Khamenei's recent calls for mobilization, the widespread exclusion of moderate and reformist candidates underscores a widening gap between the regime and certain segments of the populace. Consequently, he resorted to ordering officials and institutions to push the people to the polls in any way they could.

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