File photo of a group of Iranian truck drivers

Sanctions See Iranian Truck Drivers Banned From Europe

Sunday, 01/07/2024

The imposition of sanctions on Iran's Central Insurance has led to European countries not issuing visas to Iranian transit drivers.

Reza Rostami, the head of the Transportation Commission of the Iranian Chamber of Commerce, said that with the exception of Italy, European nations are not issuing visas to Iranian drivers, meaning prolonged queues at borders, hindering the smooth flow of transportation.

"Since the beginning of 2024, Iran's central insurance has been sanctioned, posing significant challenges to the country’s transit," added Rostami.

Expressing concern for the future, Rostami emphasized a potential shortage of heavy goods vehicle (HGV) drivers in the coming years. He underscored that the transportation sector, vital for economic development, has not received adequate attention from any government, including the seventh development plan.

In a related development from November, an Iranian official disclosed that economic hardships, coupled with the government's neglect of truck drivers' demands, have prompted many to contemplate emigration.

Jalal Mousavi, Vice President of the Association of Truck Drivers, explained that challenging economic conditions, including an oversupply of trucks and decreased cargo volume, have substantially reduced drivers' income, fueling the desire for migration. Mousavi highlighted that Iranian drivers, often operating aged trucks in difficult conditions, perceive emigration as a pathway to a better future.

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