Ali and Kiana Rahmani, children of Narges Mohammadi, an imprisoned Iranian human rights activist, hold the Nobel Peace Prize 2023 award, accepting it on behalf of their mother at Oslo City Hall, Norway December 10, 2023.

Nobel Peace Prize Awarded To Iranian Activist Amid Her Hunger Strike

Sunday, 12/10/2023

The Nobel Peace Prize ceremony honoring Iranian activist Nargess Mohammadi took place in the Norwegian capital of Oslo while she is on hunger strike in prison.

Mohammadi, a human rights activist currently incarcerated, was absent from the ceremony, with her family accepting the award on her behalf.

The Nobel Peace Prize ceremony on Sunday coincided with Human Rights Day. On October 6, as announced by the Nobel Committee, Mohammadi was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize for 2023 "due to her struggle against injustice towards Iranian women and her efforts to advance human rights and freedom for all."

In the absence of the imprisoned human rights activist, the prize was received by her husband, Taqi Rahmani, and their twin children, Kiana and Ali.

In a pre-ceremony interview with Iran International, Ali Rahmani stated that his mother, who is currently in prison, should have been present at the award ceremony. He and his sister, Kiana, aim to represent their mother's voice.

Kiana also expressed admiration for individuals of similar age “who took to the streets and sacrificed their lives for the cause.” She emphasized that the Nobel Peace Prize is not only for her mother but also for all Iranian women.

Narges Mohammadi, born in 1972 in Zanjan, holds a degree in applied physics. She commenced civil and political activities during her university years. Over the years, she has received several international awards, including the Sakharov Prize from the American Physical Society in 2018, the International Press Freedom Award in 2016, and the Alexander Langer Award in 2009.

In recent years, Mohammadi has faced multiple arrests, trials, and many years in prison for her human rights activities. She was last arrested in 2021 and has been in Evin Prison since then.

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