A steel plant in Iran producing construction material

Mounting Worker Demands Lead To Strike In Iran Steel Industry

Saturday, 12/02/2023

As the Iranian regime grapples with growing unrest fueled by unmet demands from retirees and workers, protests and strikes continue in different sectors.

Videos on social media revealed that workers at the Esfahan Steel Company halted operations on Saturday, conveying their discontent through organized gatherings and chanting slogans.

Workers at the Esfahan Steel Company had previously gone on strike multiple times last year, citing the "failure to fulfill promises by officials." Their primary demand revolves around an increase in wages, which lag behind those of counterparts in other steel plants.

Last year, workers at the complex presented a ten-thousand-signature letter, urging President Ebrahim Raisi to address the rights of company workers. However, with no substantial improvements, the discontent continues to fuel demonstrations.

The Esfahan Steel Company, serving as a specialized parent company, holds the distinction of being the first and largest producer of construction and rail steel in Iran. With a production capacity of 3.6 million tons of final products, the complex manufactures a diverse range of structural and industrial steel sections.

There were a number of protests in November, including from Iran's Social Security Organization retirees, employees of the Iranian Offshore Oil Company (IOOC), and retirees and employees of the National Iranian South Oil Fields Company.

Amidst the labor unrest, the regime-run Statistics Center of Iran (SCI) reports a household inflation rate of 45.5%. Alarmingly, approximately one-third of the country is experiencing inflation rates exceeding 50%, as indicated by the same report. It is worth noting that the regime's reporting may not fully capture the gravity of the crisis, as it continues to shield the true extent of the economic challenges faced by the Iranian people.

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