Amidst tightening hijab laws, numerous cafes and bookstores in Tehran, Mashhad, Tabriz, and a range of other cities in Iran have been closed.

In Alborz province, the police commander of Savojbolagh, Ali Soleimani, announced the closure of 9 out of 12 traditional cafes and restaurants visited during the implementation of the "Social Security Plan."

Simultaneously, in Semnan province, 23 shops were closed for "failure to observe Islamic norms."

In Esfahan province, police sealed two restaurants and four hair salons in the city for Falavarjan for “non-compliance with compulsory hijab” under the "Social Security Plan."

The wave of closures continues in Mashhad, where, in recent months, numerous cafes have been sealed for failure to observe compulsory hijab. On Tuesday, law enforcement commanders sealed Gorilla Café, a recently opened establishment. Meanwhile, Bakhtiari Café in Tabriz was sealed on November 11 by supervisory authorities for "failure to observe compulsory hijab."

A police official from Eslamshahr in the vicinity of Tehran revealed Saturday the closure of 121 shops and the confiscation of over 500 vehicles in the city due to non-compliance with compulsory hijab.

Hijab police have also been ramped up in Tehran metro stations.

The ongoing crackdown on women removing compulsory hijab, intensified after the death of Mahsa Amini during her detention by the morality police, has gained momentum.

The closure of commercial, business, and tourist facilities, hotels, administrative establishments, as well as internet companies, reflects the Iranian regime's inability to deal with women who defy hijab.

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