Pierre Poilievre, the Leader of the Official Opposition of Canada

Canadian Opposition Leader Calls For Crackdown On Iran’s Agents

Wednesday, 11/15/2023

The Canadian opposition leader has called for immediate action against the Iranian regime, following revelations detailing its interference in Canada.

The report released by the Canadian outlet Global News focused on the ongoing threat against Iranian dissidents given the number of regime insiders operating in Canada.

Pierre Poilievre called the immense scope of the problem “shocking” and the number of agents mentioned in the report, which is approximately 700, “staggering”.

“To think that we might have terrorist-linked Iranian regime thugs operating with impunity, spending stolen money and intimidating Canadian Jews and Iranians is appalling,” he told Global News. The situation necessitates “immediate action to kick them out of this country,” the prime ministerial candidate added.

The Conservative leader had already pledged that his administration would list Iran's Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) as a terrorist organization in Canada if elected, along with the US which took the move in 2019.

Among the non-governing parties in the House of Commons, Pierre Poilievre's Official Opposition Party has the most seats. Polls and projections indicate that the Conservative party will lead the upcoming federal election, for the 45th Canadian Parliament, scheduled for October 20, 2025.

Currently, Canada has expanded targeted sanctions against some IRGC members and amended its Magnitsky legislation in order to allow it to go after individuals accused of human rights abuses and corruption, but the opposition says that these measures do not suffice.

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