A car undergoing a technical inspection in Tehran

Impoverished Iranians Turn To Rented Car Parts To Pass Inspections

Wednesday, 11/15/2023

Iranians, unable to afford proper repairs, are resorting to renting car parts to secure technical inspection certificates, putting citizens' lives at risk.

Shadi Maleki, the CEO of the Technical Inspection Headquarters of Tehran, speaking to the ISNA news agency, highlighted a growing issue where some vehicle owners are using rental parts, particularly catalytic converters and tires, to pass mandatory technical inspections.

Catalytic converters, crucial for reducing air pollution by purifying toxic gases from fuel combustion, have become mandatory in inspections. With most of Iran’s cars unroadworthy, it has bred a black market for parts to help ensure they pass under new regulations.

Maleki explained that the absence of the catalytic converter's serial number on vehicle cards makes it challenging to identify rental parts during inspections.

The situation is exacerbated by economic challenges in Iran where people cannot afford to upgrade their cars. This has been exacerbated as drivers faced a recent 30% increase in insurance premiums.

Furthermore, recent reports on October 14 revealed that the Ministry of Industry has approved a 20% increase in the price of car tires, adding to the financial burden on vehicle owners.

A decade-long lack of economic growth, coupled with international sanctions impacting oil export revenues, has strained the country's financial stability.

The situation raises concerns not only about the safety of vehicles on the road but also underscores broader economic challenges that Iranians are grappling with. High inflation rates, increasing poverty levels, and the pressing issues of road accidents and pollution further compound the complexity of the situation.

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