A US army soldier stands with his weapon at a military base in the Makhmour area near Mosul during an operation to attack Islamic State militants in Mosul, Iraq, October 18, 2016.

US Carries Out Two Airstrikes On Iranian Targets In Syria

Sunday, 11/12/2023

The United States carried out two air strikes in Syria against Iranian targets on Sunday, as a response to a series of attacks against American forces in Syria and Iraq.

Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin announcing the strikes said Iran’s Revolutionary Guard and affiliated militia groups were targeted.

Since the Hamas terror attack on Israel, Iranian proxy groups began targeting US bases in the region. More than 40 drone and rocket attacks were launched injuring dozens of American servicemen. Washington twice launched retaliatory attacks, but apparently neither Tehran nor its affiliated forces were deterred.

Austin said the strikes were conducted against a training facility and a safe house near the cities of Abu Kamal an Mayadin in eastern Syria, where the IRGC has a strong foothold, helping move weapons into Syria and Lebanon.

A US defense officials told Reuters on condition of anonymity that one of the targets was a weapons storage facility. The other was a "command and control" facility, which would suggest a headquarters or other staffed structure.

The official said the strikes took place around midnight local time and a US review was underway to determine whether the strikes killed or wounded any Iran-aligned militia members.

Al-Harir Airbase, located near Erbil and housing US and international forces, was targeted in an armed drone attack, as reported by a security source on Saturday.

US and international forces stationed in Iraq and Syria have heightened their alert status following numerous attacks on their bases since the October 7 terror attack on Israel.

Iran's proxies resumed rocket and drone attacks on US bases in Syria and Iraq, breaking more than a year of relative calm.

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