Iranian rapper Toomaj Salehi

Jailed Iranian Rapper Denied Medical Care

Sunday, 11/12/2023

Toomaj Salehi, the Iranian rapper and a vocal critic of the regime, continues to be denied medical care, in addition to basic rights such as phone calls.

Amir Raisian, Salehi's legal representative, revealed last week that the singer has suffered injuries to his right foot, left hand fingers, and right eye due to assaults during his detention, with his right foot now reportedly requiring surgery.

He said that further restrictions have been imposed on the artist following his complaints against authorities and certain media outlets which he says have disseminated false information about him.

The US-based Human Rights Activists News Agency (HRANA) reported on Sunday that Salehi is incarcerated without adherence to the principle of segregating prisoners based on their crimes.

According to HRANA, Salehi is denied the right to receive items from outside the prison, and he is also barred from participating in sports activities within the confines of the prison.

Salehi gained fame for his artistic contributions to the anti-government movement. He was violently arrested by the intelligence ministry in Esfahan (Isfahan) province in October last year amid the nationwide protests. Sources indicate that he has endured severe torture during his time in custody and was coerced into making televised confessions.

Calls for Salehi's release have been intensifying in recent months. On Friday, coinciding with his court verdict, over 150 global politicians, institutions, and political figures joined forces in an open letter, urging for the immediate and unconditional release of the Iranian artist.

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