Sedigheh Vasmaghi, a writer and Islam researcher

Researcher Assaulted After Armita Geravand's Burial Reveals Ordeal

Monday, 11/06/2023

New details have emerged of the physical assault on mourners attending the funeral of 16-year-old Armita Geravand, who died after a confrontation with hijab enforcers.

Sedigheh Vasmaghi, a writer and Islam researcher, known for her stance against mandatory hijab, shared her experience after her arrest at the funeral on the Zeytoon website.

She said: "Two women were also among the attackers, dressed in uniform under their veils. The four assailants began their assault. One was shouting, one was trying to take my bag, and one was hitting me while uttering indecent language."

Referring to the death of Armita, a girl who, like Mahsa Amini, died in the hands of morality police, Vasmaghi added: "I asked them, 'You have taken one life, and her memorial is here. Do you intend to take mine here as well?' They forcibly dragged me for about ten to fifteen meters."

The burial and memorial service for Armita took place in Tehran last Sunday, with several more attendees arrested. Among them was also Nasrin Sotoudeh, a prominent human rights lawyer and activist, detainees all reportedly subjected to physical abuse during their apprehension.

On the day of the funeral, reports received by Iran International indicated that Vasmaghi was attacked by security officers after departing the ceremony. However, with the assistance of concerned citizens, she managed to escape the clutches of four male and female attackers.

Despite a week having passed since the assault by security forces, the status of some detainees remains unknown. Negar Ostad Agha, a journalist and senior editor at Etemad Online is currently detained in Gharchak Prison near Tehran, with no specific information available regarding her situation.

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