Esmail Khatib, the Minister of Intelligence of the Islamic Republic

Iranian Intelligence Minister Issues Threats Against Israel

Monday, 10/30/2023

As tensions continue to rise in the region following the recent Hamas attack on Israel, Iranian officials have intensified their rhetoric against the Jewish state.

Esmail Khatib, the Minister of Intelligence of the Islamic Republic, made statements regarding Hamas' October 7 attack, describing it as a "new historical beginning for the eradication of Israel", claiming it will lead to the collapse of the entire Israeli government.

Khatib's comments reiterate the Iranian regime's long-standing opposition to its archenemy Israel, which he called a "fabricated Zionist regime that had crafted a legendary narrative and a Hollywood image over the years.”

His comments come as Israel's troops on the ground in Gaza rescued its first of the more than 230 hostages held by the group designated by countries including the US, UK and EU.

The young female soldier, Ori Megidish, was taken back to her family in Israel as ground operations stepped up since the weekend, a victory for the Israeli government which is coming under increasing pressure to find the hostages, who are mostly civilians.

As Iranians continue to endure the worst economic times in recent history, the regime's ongoing support for its regional proxies such as Hamas, is a knife in the wound. Hamas alone garners at least $100m a year from Iran in addition to military, technical and logistical support.

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