Fatemeh Rejayi-Rad during the ceremony to accept an award for best doctor in the northern city of Amol (October 2023)

Iranian Doctor Loses Medical Licence For Not Wearing Headscarf

Friday, 10/27/2023

Videos on social media are circulating showing a female doctor appearing in a public ceremony without wearing the hijab enforced by the Islamic regime in Iran.

Fatemeh Rejayi-Rad went on stage to accept an award for best doctor in a banquette in the city of Amol in northern Iran. Rajayi-Rad who is an Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeon had her medical licence revoked following the event as punishment for defying hijab rules.

The ceremony which took place in celebration of Physicians Day on October 24th in Amol was attended by doctors and members of the medical profession.

Local media has reported that Rajayi-Rad had angered members of the clergy and is now being prohibited from entering the university in Amol.

On Friday, another video of Rajayi-Rad was published on state media in Iran, showing the doctor in full Islamic attire apologizing for her actions.

“I sincerely apologize to anyone who I have offended for not wearing a full hijab.”
“In recent days I have been receiving phone calls from anonymous people offering me [political] asylum [abroad].”

“I will say here and now that I am the child of this soil and water and will stay in Iran where I will be following the rules including wearing the hijab,” said Rajayi-Rad in a video.

Forced confessions and retractions are an intimidation tactic used by authorities in Iran to instil fear amongst the public.

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