Influential hardliner Iranian lawmaker, Hassan Norouzi

Iranian Lawmaker Says Tehran Might Close Hormuz If US Intervenes

Saturday, 10/21/2023

An hardline Iranian lawmaker has threatened that if the Hamas-Israel conflict worsens Tehran might enter the war and close the Strait of Hormuz in the Persian Gulf.

Media in Tehran reported that Hassan Norouzi, an influential lawmaker, was asked how Iran is planning to play a role in the war. He was quoted as responding that “So far, resistance forces in Palestine, Syria and Iraq are sufficient, but if the situation becomes critical and we are asked [for assistance], it is possible that we would go to war against Israel to support the resistance.”

Iran refers to Palestinian and other militant groups in the region that receive support from Tehran and act on its behalf, as the “Axis of resistance.”

Asked about what Iran would do if the United States entered the conflict, he replied, "The United States does not have the audacity to enter directly. If it does, it will face difficult conditions. Even if it attacks, the Middle East and Western Asia's resistance forces have the capability to counter. It's also not unlikely that we could close the Strait of Hormuz. If America directly aids Israel in a war, we will close the Strait of Hormuz."

Iran foreign Minister Hossein Amir-Abdollahian who was visiting Lebanon last week threatened a wider war if attacks continued against Hamas. "The continuation of war crimes against Palestine and Gaza will receive a response from the rest of the axis. And naturally, the Zionist entity and its supporters will be responsible for the consequences,” he stated.

The Iranian regime so far has celebrated Hams’ October 7 brutal attack on Israel that resulted in the killing of about 1,400 people, but has taken no direct military action to support Hamas.

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