MI5 Director General Ken McCallum in London, Britain, October 14, 2020

MI5 Warns Of Possible New Security Threats From Iran

Wednesday, 10/18/2023

MI5, the UK’s security service, has stated that amid the war between Iran-backed Hamas and Israel, Iran may be exploring new ways to threaten the security of Britain.

Speaking at a security summit in the US, Ken McCallum, the Director-General of MI5, referred to "hostile activity by the Islamic Republic in the UK," emphasizing that countering threats from Tehran remains a top priority.

"Iran has been a rising source of concern and a rising source of task for MI5 over the last 18 months or so in particular," he said.

McCallum's comments come in the context of heightened security concerns related to Iran. Last year, Iran International temporarily relocated its television broadcast from London to Washington, DC, due to terrorist threats. The decision to cease Iran International's activities in the British capital was made after the arrest of an Austrian national named Mohammad-Hussein Dovtaev on February 13. He was detained while filming outside the network's premises.

Security agencies, especially after the outbreak of the uprising against the Islamic Republic in September 2022, have increased concerns about threats against Iran International due to its coverage of popular protests.

Iran International resumed broadcasting from its new London studio on September 25.

The Director-General of MI5 refrained from responding to questions about Iran's role in Hamas attacks on Israel.

Senior officials in Western countries have criticized the continuous support of the Islamic Republic for Hamas, but they have stated that they have not found direct evidence of Tehran's involvement in Hamas's invasion of Israel on October 7.

Iranian authorities have repeatedly denied their involvement in Hamas' attacks on Israel.

So far, thousands of people have been killed, wounded, and displaced in the ongoing conflict between Israel and Hamas.

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