An aerial view of the western city of Khorramabad, Lorestan province

Iran Faces Internet Disruption Amid Mysterious Tremor In West

Tuesday, 09/26/2023

NetBlocks, a watchdog organization that monitors cybersecurity, has once again reported a disruption in Iran's internet service.

Network traffic data revealed a significant disruption in internet connectivity in Iran, marking the third such incident this month. According to NetBlocks, the disruption occurred at 1:00 AM local time and resulted in connectivity dropping to 82% of its usual levels.

The development coincides with an unusual event in Khorramabad, western Iran, where a powerful tremor accompanied by a loud noise occurred on Monday night. Local authorities have been unable to identify the source of the disturbance, and Iranian media and officials have provided vague and contradictory statements about the incident. While there have been no reports of visible damage or civilian casualties, officials are conducting an investigation.

Markedly, there is a presence of an underground IRGC ballistic missile base near Khorramabad, a fact that has raised eyebrows among observers and independent media outside Iran.

Earlier this month, in the lead-up to the death anniversary of Mahsa Amini, Iran experienced a significant disruption to its internet services for two consecutive nights, with connectivity plummeting to 71% of its normal levels.

The incident highlights Iran's long-standing practice of imposing strict censorship on internet access, limiting citizens' access to information by blocking various foreign and domestic websites, including reputable news sources. However, the restrictions have been circumvented by the widespread use of Virtual Private Networks (VPNs) and anti-filtering software.

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