Iran International has obtained information shedding further light on how several young protesters were killed during anti-regime protests in Iran.

Alireza Hosseini Khoms, a young man born in 1997, was one of more than 500 people killed by security forces in the protests that turned into an uprising in September 2022 and lasted for months.

According to a source close to the family, gunfire from security agents killed Khoms. One of the bullets struck his left thigh, while the other found its mark in the neck near his throat. The circumstances surrounding his transfer to the hospital remain unclear; however, following his admission, regime agents reportedly contacted his family to convey the news of his death.

Hosseini, an employee of Erfan Niayesh Hospital located in Tehran, resided with his parents near the capital Tehran. The incident took place on September 21, when Alireza became the target of two bullets fired by government agents.

Regime's security forces told the family that Alireza's body would be returned to them only if they agreed to hold a quiet burial. Consequently, two days later, Alireza was laid to rest in the Behesht-e Fatemeh Cemetery in Eslamshahr.

Alireza's official death certificate, dated October 4 and registered with the Civil Registry Organization, attributed the cause of death to a "collision with hard or sharp objects."

Furthermore, a report from the criminal investigation unit, a copy of which has been obtained by Iran International, describes the scene as follows: "The body was discovered within a mortuary, displaying signs of gunshot wounds on the left thigh and near the throat."

Despite compelling evidence and several eyewitnesses, the Hosseini family's efforts to seek justice from military and judicial authorities in Tehran Province have been in vain, with the only response being, "We did not kill him; do not come back."

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