Iran's Internet Speed Hits Lowest Point Amid State Disruptions

Tuesday, 09/19/2023

Iran's internet speed hit its lowest point in the past year compared to other countries globally, according to the latest Speedtest report.

Based on the website’s data from August 2023, the average mobile internet download speed has reached 31.33 megabits per second, showing a more than 6% decrease compared to the previous month. The upload speed has also decreased by approximately 4%.

Iran's broadband fixed internet speed has also experienced a decline. The average fixed internet download speed in August recorded at 11.92 megabits per second, indicating a 1.5% decrease compared to the previous month. The upload speed for fixed internet also shows a declining trend.

On the other hand, Iran's position in the list of surveyed countries regarding internet speed has dropped to the lowest rank in comparison to the past year. In August 2022, Iran was ranked 69th among 145 countries in mobile internet speed, but it has now fallen to 72nd place.

A similar situation has been experienced in fixed internet, with Iran dropping five ranks compared to the previous year. Part of the reason for the decline in Iran's internet speed ranking is the growth of internet speed in other countries around the world.

According to the Speedtest statistics, the United Arab Emirates, Qatar, and Kuwait have been recognized as the top countries in terms of mobile internet speed in the world.

For years, Iranian authorities have restricted citizens' access to approximately half of the top websites in the world. In this regard, surveys by the Tehran E-commerce Association indicate that Iran, after China, has the most restricted internet access in the world.

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