On the first anniversary of his daughter's death, the father of Mahsa Amini was briefly arrested, the latest in a line of arrests over recent weeks.

Amjad Amini was apprehended by IRGC agents shortly after leaving his home on Saturday and taken to an undisclosed location before he was released and put under house arrest later in the day.

"Security forces detained Amjad Amini today and returned him to his house after threatening him against marking his daughter's death anniversary," A Kurdish human rights group said.

Mahsa Amini's mother's residence is currently surrounded, resembling a military compound, and security measures have been significantly increased in Kurdish-populated regions.

Her uncle has also in recent weeks been arrested with multiple threats levied to her brother as the family is subjected to constant pressure not to gather in remembrance of her death in morality police custody hands one year ago.

Social media has been inundated with images and reports depicting an unprecedented security presence in Kurdish provinces and major cities, including Tehran, Karaj, Rasht, and Tabriz. The Kurdish human rights networks have indicated that Iranian security forces are preventing non-local individuals from entering Mahsa's hometown, including her cemetery.

Checkpoint inspections have been established at the entrances to all Kurdish-populated cities, resulting in significant traffic congestion and thorough searches of both passengers and vehicles.

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