The funeral service for Iranian Kurdish man Hamed Baqeri

Iranian Kurds Gather At Protester's Funeral Defying Regime Threats

Friday, 09/15/2023

Kurdish-Iranians gathered for the burial of Hamed Baqeri (Bagheri) on Friday, in spite of threats from regime security.

The young Iranian-Kurd was recently shot by regime forces while protesting in Karaj, with photos of the large attendance for his funeral appearing online as a mark of defiance to the authorities, which has been clamping down on all mass gatherings in the lead-up to Saturday's anniversary of the death of Mahsa Amini.

Mourners traveled from regions such as Eslamshahr-e Gharb in western Kermanshah province to the village of Tajar-e-Akbar to participate in the burial rites for Baqeri, according to Hengaw Human Rights Organization.

Citing sources close to Baqeri's family, Hengaw claims that the young man had expressed protest slogans against the dictatorship of the Islamic Republic even before the tragic incident in which he is believed to have died from four bullet wounds from security forces.

After the incident, Hamid Hadavand, commander of the Alborz Law Enforcement, referred to the young man as a "hooligan with a machete" during an interview with the Islamic Republic government's news agency, IRNA. He claims Baqeri allegedly "savagely attacked both civilians and law enforcement agents in Karaj" and was subsequently detained at the scene after officers resorted to gunfire.

Hengaw denies the claims and has accused Iran's state media of engaging in an "organized" dissemination of news containing "misleading and false information."

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