Military vehicles being deployed to the northwestern borders of Iran

IRGC Deploys Armored Equipment To Northwestern Borders

Wednesday, 09/13/2023

The ground forces of the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) have deployed forces to the northwestern borders of Iran where tensions have been rising between Iran and Kurdish separatist groups.

Iran recently gave an ultimatum to Iraq to disarm “separatist terrorist groups” operating in the Kurdistan region and according to reports from the Tasnim News Agency, the IRGC's ground forces aim to “bolster security measures along the northwestern borders of the Islamic Republic” as the deadline for the ultimate approaches.

The timing of the deployment coincides with the anniversary of Kurdish-Iranian Mahsa Amini's death, which also threatens to bring the masses to the streets this week, causing the regime to step up security nationwide, not only on its fragile borders.

While the Islamic Republic categorizes Iranian Kurdish armed groups as "terrorist groups," the groups maintain that their armed campaigns are driven by the pursuit of Kurdish rights and autonomy after years of oppression.

In recent times, the Iranian regime has intensified its crackdown on Kurdish-majority towns and cities in the western provinces of the country. The majority of Iran's estimated 10 million Kurds reside in the western regions of the nation.

Furthermore, the Islamic Republic has repeatedly conducted military operations against Iranian Kurds seeking refuge in Iraqi Kurdistan, further exacerbating regional tensions.

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