Ghezel-Hesar prison near Tehran

Iranian Political Prisoners Launch Hunger Strike Amid Harsh Conditions

Friday, 09/08/2023

Thirteen political prisoners forcibly relocated to Ghezel-Hesar prison near Tehran, have embarked on a hunger strike.

The US-based Human Rights Activists News Agency (HRANA) cited a statement from one of the prisoners' relatives, revealing that the detainees are currently housed in a 12-square-meter cell within the prison's quarantine section. This area is typically reserved for pre-execution detainees, and the cramped conditions have raised concerns about their well-being.

Moreover, the Coordination Council of Iranian Teachers' Trade Associations has raised alarm about the security situation in the prison, noting that the hunger-striking prisoners are being held in a section intended for disciplinary inmates, where security measures are inadequate.

According to the report, Ghezel-Hesar prison lacks essential amenities such as drinking water, hot water for bathing, cooking facilities, and a canteen. Detainees who have been exiled to this facility also face deprivation in standard services, including regular phone access, access to blankets, medical care, and sanitary facilities.

The Coordination Council highlighted that the transfer of these prisoners from Evin Prison to Ghezel-Hesar occurred abruptly and without prior notice, detainees subjected to violence, threats, humiliation, handcuffing, and shackling.

The Coordination Council of Iranian Teachers' Trade Associations has reiterated the primary demand of these exiled prisoners, which is an immediate return to Evin Prison and the cessation of any ongoing security proceedings against them. They have vowed to continue their hunger strike until these demands are met.

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