Iran's exiled Prince Reza Pahlavi

Iran's Exiled Prince Criticizes US Release Of Funds To Iranian Regime

Saturday, 08/19/2023

Iran's exiled Prince Reza Pahlavi has strongly condemned the recent decision by the Biden administration to release billions of dollars to the Iranian regime.

Through a statement posted on the X platform (formerly Twitter), Pahlavi expressed his concern over the dire situation faced by the Iranian people due to the corrupt practices and "criminal incompetence" of the Islamic Republic.

He emphasized that the people of Iran are being denied the benefits of their country's abundant natural resources, leading to their ongoing suffering.

Pahlavi remarked, "Unfortunately, the reported billions of dollars that the Biden administration plans to release to the regime as part of a ransom for five hostages will not alleviate the hardships experienced by my fellow countrymen."

Alongside his message, he shared a graph prepared by the National Union for Democracy in Iran, which highlighted the potential uses of the $6 billion released to the regime.

The graph indicated that with this funding, the regime could acquire 316 million tear gas canisters, 60 million batons, 18 million shotguns, and a staggering 12 billion bullets, ostensibly for suppressing protesters.

Pahlavi's message continued, "This windfall will only serve to fuel the regime's illicit activities, providing further incentive for its hostage-taking and blackmailing tactics, akin to previous ransom payments."

Pahlavi pointed out the distressing timing of this financial infusion, which coincides with the anniversary of the tragic death of Mahsa Amini and numerous other courageous Iranians. He referred to the situation as an additional, painful insult to the memory of those who have suffered under the regime's rule.

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