Mahsa Moguei's father holding a photo of her daughter

Iranian Regime Detains Protesters' Families, Whereabouts Unknown

Tuesday, 07/25/2023

It has been seven days since the families of Mahsa Moguei, a 19-year-old girl who was shot dead by the oppressive regime, were detained by the regime.

Hengaw Human Rights Organization, a Kurdish rights group, reported on Tuesday that there is still no information available concerning the situation of Mahsa Moguei's father, brother, and mother.

Mahsa Moguei, a taekwondo champion, tragically lost her life during protests advocating for women's rights and freedom in Fooladshahr, Isfahan, on September 22, 2022 when security forces opened fire.

Simultaneously, families are also concerned about the whereabouts of Zahra Saeedianjoo' who was also detained due to her expression of sympathy towards the families of protesters who were killed during the demonstrations.

Despite numerous appeals from Saeedianjoo's family, security and judicial authorities in the southern Khuzestan province have remained silent, failing to provide any updates about her situation to her family or her legal representative. Zahra is the sister of Milad Saeedianjoo, one of the many protesters killed in Izeh.

Sixteen days ago, security forces transferred Saeedianjoo from her residence in Tehran to a secure unit in Ahvaz.

In response to yet another detained prisoner, Afra Moslehi, the daughter of Ali Moslehi, took to Twitter to express her concern about her father. She said: "Where is Ali Moslehi?" This journalist was detained at his home in Kashan by the Islamic Republic's security forces on July 20.

The reasons for the journalist's detention and his current place of captivity have not been disclosed.

Moslehi was previously arrested in July 2012 for publishing materials related to the "Green Movement" and was released on bail in September of the same year.

The Islamic Republic authorities evade responsibility for the continued and unexplained killings of protesters and also regularly pressure on their families by detaining and imprisoning them.

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