Actor Mohammad Sadeghi

Iranian Actor Arrested For Criticizing 'Morality' Police

Sunday, 07/16/2023

The police in Tehran arrested Mohammed Sadeghi, a young actor, during a raid on his home in an effort to clamp down on the anti-hijab movement.

Sadeghi posted a video on Instagram expressing his anger over the detention of yet another woman in morality police hands due to her inappropriate hijab.

“Believe me, if I saw such a scene, I might commit murder,” he wrote in the caption of his video. "Why do you get paid? To take people's daughters into a van and arrest them?"

Regime agents rushed to Sadeghi's house in Tehran in the wake of the post, when he jumped from the third floor in a bid to escape. A dramatic chase ensued, which he filmed and streamed live to Instagram, in spite of the regime's attempts to ban the app.

In a new campaign to enforce mandatory hijab, morality police have now returned to the streets in full force after a brief few months' respite following the worst of the unrest which erupted in September after the death of Mahsa Amini in morality police custody.

Women continue to defy the official dress code, particularly in Tehran, despite the crackdown, with huge numbers seen across the country's public spaces from malls to universities with their hair uncovered as they flout the mandatory hijab rules.

Experts fear the renewed zeal of the morality police risks reigniting tensions.

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