The passport of Fawzan Miss Khan, the Afghan man arrested over a terrorist attack on the Israeli embassy in Baku

Terrorist Attack On Israel’s Embassy in Baku Thwarted

Tuesday, 07/11/2023

Azerbaijan's security agencies thwarted a terrorist attack on the Israeli embassy in Baku, the latest in a wave of Iranian plots against Israeli targets abroad.

According to media reports, an Afghan citizen, Fawzan Mosa Khan, has been arrested. In a video released by Azerbaijan's State Security Service, Khan discussed how he would monitor the target of the attack. Photographs suggested Musa Khan had been surveilling the Hyatt Regency hotel complex in Baku, where the Israeli embassy is located.

Israel's intelligence agency, Mossad, recently revealed new details about a terrorist cell directed by Iran which intended to harm Israeli businessmen in Cyprus.

Israel later said its agents in Iran succeeded in capturing the suspect behind the IRGC-planned attack on its nationals.

The Mossad published a video of the captured agent, identified as Yousef Shahabazi Abbasalilo, sharing details of his entry to Cyprus through the Turkish occupied north and how he had scoped out the location of the first target for assassination, prepared the weapon and concealed it on word that he must flee just days ago. Iran rejected the veracity of the video. 

The latest plot comes amidst simmering tensions between Iran and its archrival Israel, and with its neighbor, Azerbaijan. A series of events has led to diplomatic crises this year, including an assassination attempt on an Azerbaijani MP and an attack on Azerbaijan's embassy in Tehran. Things worsened with the opening of the Azerbaijan embassy in Tel Aviv, which angered Tehran. Iran has conducted military drills on Azerbaijan's border as a show of force.

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