The former intelligence chief of Iran’s Revolutionary Guard Hossein Taeb

US Told Iran It's Not Seeking Regime Change - IRGC Official

Friday, 06/23/2023

The former intelligence chief of Iran’s Revolutionary Guards says the US has sent messages to the regime to say it is not seeking a regime change in Iran.

Hossein Taeb said Thursday that the US sent the message through three neighboring countries of Iraq, Qatar and Oman, saying that it is not looking to overthrow the regime "so let's negotiate and reach an understanding.”

Taeb, who now serves as an advisor to the Guards commander-in-chief, claimed that Washington’s volte-face is the result of the “stability” of the Islamic Republic.

“In the hybrid warfare the enemies launched against our country last year, they intended to put Iran at the crossroads of continuing its revolutionary path or facing international isolation," he said, boasting that they failed.

“Friends and foes have understood that they need to interact with the Islamic Republic,” he added.

In the Islamic Republic jargon, ‘enemies’ usually means the United States and Israel, and recently every entity and individual who has expressed support for antiregime protests ignited by the death in custody of 22-year-old Mahsa Amini in September 2022.

It has been the boldest uprising against the Islamic Republic since establishment in 1979 when the regime adopted a staunch anti-West and anti Israel foreign policy, and domination of the region.

Taeb added that the US presence in the Middle East is weakening partly due to the war in Ukraine and many countries are choosing a more independent path.

He claimed that, nevertheless, the enemies attempt to create “an all-encompassing riot before the upcoming elections aimed at boycotting and postponing the elections under various pretexts.” He was referring to Iran's parliamentary elections in March 2024.

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