Police surveillance cameras in Tehran

Hijab Surveillance Camera Network To Widen

Thursday, 06/15/2023

The number of police surveillance cameras will be increased to crack down on the droves of women refusing to wear hijab.

Iran's police chief, Ahmad-Reza Radan, said Thursday that President Ebrahim Raisi has approved the necessary funds to install more cameras to continue the war against hijab rebellion.

“Four special task groups have been launched to tackle the hijab norm breaking. For instance, one of them is active on virtual space to identify those who remove hijab on social media.”

Last week, Radan threatened government offices that do not deny services to unveiled women with repercussions as part of ongoing hijab enforcement.

He also vowed that police will be surveilling Caspian Sea beaches in Mazandaran and Gilan provinces with special patrols and electronic surveillance to prevent violation of hijab laws.

Threats against unveiled women have increased with the arrival of summer which has always been a season for women to ignore the strict government dress code.

In July 2022, after weeks of harsher measures on the streets, President Ebrahim Raisi ordered all government entities to strictly implement a “chastity and hijab” law.

Not long after, the death of the 22-year-old Mahsa Amini in the custody of morality police fueled protests that spread throughout the country and have continued since September.

Since March hardliners have tried to put an end to women’s increasing defiance of the compulsory hijab and to reclaim the lost ground but to no avail.

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