Mahsa Amini

Protests In Saqqez Following Damage To Mahsa Amini’s Grave

Tuesday, 06/13/2023

Protests continued in the Iranian Kurdish city of Saqqez following damage by regime supporters to Mahsa Amini’s grave last month.

Businesses shut down in protest at the damage to the grave in Aichi cemetery which they have now hidden from view, Amini having become a symbol of the months of uprising since the 22-year-old Kurd was murdered in morality police custody in September.

Amini has become the face of the ‘Woman, Life, Freedom’ movement and the damage at the grave site sparked fury, with regime agents now totally concealing it from view for fear it had become a shrine to the movement’s martyr.

The cemetery has become a common scene of demonstrations against the state-sanctioned murder of protesters since September, many laid to rest alongside Amini.

Last Friday, dozens of victims’ families held pictures of their loved ones in peaceful protest while in a heavy handed response, regime agents arrested and transferred about 40 of them to an unknown location, including six mothers of young victims.

In recent months, the agents of the Islamic Republic have destroyed the graves of those killed in the nationwide protests in different cities of Iran.

The regime has a history of destroying the Khavaran cemetery in the past, and the families of those executed in the 80s have repeatedly protested this.

The cemetery is in southeast Tehran and an unmarked mass graveyard where at least dozens of executed prisoners are buried. Families of victims visit the cemetery regularly and lay flowers, although no one is certain about the exact identity of those buried in Khavaran.

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