Former police officer Mansoureh Sagvand

Iran Claims Ex-Police Officer Who Supported Protests Dies Of Cardiac Arrest

Monday, 06/05/2023

The Iranian regime says a female police officer who died after she defected from the force to express solidarity with protesters has suffered a cardiac arrest.

Mansoureh Sagvand is the latest such case to mysteriously die in the wake of detention. From the southern city of Abdanan, IRNA state news agency quoted officials from Ilam University of Medical Sciences who claimed her death was caused by cardiac and respiratory arrest.

The brave young woman posted her defection publicly on Instagram. Along with a photo of her in police uniform, she wrote: “I have been working as an honorary member of Khorramabad police force, but I will not have any cooperation with the armed forces and proudly stand with my fellow countrymen.”

The judicial and security authorities of Ilam are yet to provide an explanation about the "suspicious death". The regime also claimed that Mahsa Amini, whose death in morality police custody caused a nationwide uprising since September, died of a heart attack.

The Islamic Republic is disposing of and silencing its critics in ways including shooting them on the streets, executions, torture and psychological pressure.

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