An executioner in Iran preparing a public hanging

Victims’ Families Call For Global Action To End Executions In Iran

Saturday, 05/27/2023

Over 80 families of those killed by the Iranian regime called for immediate global action to stop the recent execution spree in Iran.

In a statement on Saturday, the petitioning families called the recent wave of executions in Iran a revenge by the Islamic Republic on the people for anti-regime protests.

They also called on all activists and organizations defending human rights in the world to do their best to end the death penalty in Iran and save the lives of prisoners at risk.

“Suffering from the deep wounds of losing our loved ones, whether on the street or at the gallows, we cry out to stop the executions and killings of people. End all death sentences immediately. Executions for any reason and for any crime must be stopped. We don't let you kill our loved ones anymore,” read the statement.

The wave of executions carried out by the Islamic Republic in recent weeks has led to yet another global outcry against the Iranian regime.

After the execution of Majid Kazemi, Saeed Yaqoubi and Saleh Mirhashmi, three protesters imprisoned in Isfahan (Esfahan) on May 19, people in different Iranian cities took to the streets and chanted slogans, burning symbols of the regime to express their determination to overthrow the clerical rulers.

Iranian expats in different countries also held protest rallies against the Islamic Republic on May 20, to slam the recent wave of executions in Iran which has taken the lives of 110 people in the past month.

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