A flyer to sell body organs in Iran (File photo)

A flyer to sell body organs in Iran

Newspaper Prosecuted For Report On Rise of Body Organ Sales In Iran

Thursday, 05/11/2023

An Iranian newspaper has been prosecuted for publishing a report on the rising illegal organ trade.

An investigation in Jahan-e-Sanat revealed that the illegal sale of organs is becoming increasingly common in Iran amidst rising poverty, claiming the government was turning a blind eye to the problem.

The newspaper claimed middlemen operating online send the prospective donors to neighboring countries such as the United Arab Emirates, Turkey, and Iraq to sell body parts for $7,000 to $15,000, with most donors coming from impoverished backgrounds. In some cases, people have even been forced to sell organs to pay for medical bills or support their families.

The Judiciary announced Tuesday that the daily has been charged for “publishing false information without providing evidence".

While Iran has a domestic system for organ sales, it is a long and expensive process, prohibitive to most ordinary Iranians. The trafficking of organs abroad is not regulated and poses huge risks to patients, offering no safeguards for the many who are vulnerable and desperate.

The organ trafficking industry has been estimated to be worth millions of dollars, with organs being sold to wealthy individuals. The organs are usually obtained through coercion or deception, with some being promised money and then never receiving it once the organ has been removed.

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