Iranian hunger striker Vahid Beheshti (left) and UK Foreign Secretary James Cleverly

Iranian hunger striker Vahid Beheshti (left) and UK Foreign Secretary James Cleverly

Iranian Hunger Striker Vows To Keep Up Action Until IRGC Proscribed

Wednesday, 05/03/2023

Iranian hunger striker Vahid Beheshti vowed not to give up his fight until the UK proscribes the IRGC.

Beheshti’s comments came after the UK Foreign Secretary James Cleverly urged him to end his hunger strike amidst fears for his health.

Beheshti, 45, wants the UK to declare Iran's Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps a terrorist organization. After surviving on water, coffee, and sugar cubes for 70 days, he is no longer able to walk.

The Conservative MP Nicola Richards raised the issue Tuesday in the House of Commons saying that “Vahid Beheshti was recently supported by 125 cross-party parliamentarians in his campaign to proscribe the IRGC”, which is “responsible for committing grotesque human rights abuses”.

Richards asked the Foreign Secretary if he recognized the urgency of the IRGC prescription.

Cleverly stated that Beheshti has met with ministerial colleagues, both in the Home Office and in the Foreign Office. “I do worry about his health and would urge him to stop his hunger strike.”

“With regard to Iran’s completely unacceptable behavior, we have responded by sanctioning the IRGC in its entirety and certain leaders of the IRGC specifically,” noted Cleverly.

He added: “We, of course, always keep options available and under review.”

Beheshti said such an answer is not acceptable - the UK like many other nations trying to tread a careful line on Iran in a bid to revive the nuclear deal.

Several members of parliament and thousands of British citizens demand the proscription of the IRGC.

On Saturday, thousands attended a rally in London and around the world in support of the campaigner.

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