A scene of protests in the city of Izeh in Ahvaz protests (undated)

A scene of protests in the city of Izeh in Ahvaz protests

Eight Iranian Protesters Indicted On Charges That Can Lead To Death

Sunday, 04/23/2023

Eight people arrested during Iran’s nationwide protests in the southern city of Izeh, are indicted for "waging war against God" and "corruption on earth" that can lead to death sentences.

US-based Human Rights Activists News Agency (HRANA) reported Sunday that the case of these people was referred to the fourth branch of Ahvaz Revolutionary Court and all of them are detained in Shiban prison of Ahvaz in the south.

The citizens were arrested in November 2022 by the intelligence agents of the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps.

Earlier this month, Iran sentenced another protester to death in Izeh for the killing of a nine-year-old during unrest in November, although the victim’s family insists the killers were security forces and the man is innocent.

Judiciary announced that Abbas (Mojahed) Kourkouri was sentenced to death for the killing of Kian Pirfalak in Izeh in southwestern Iran on November 15.

Kian and his family were targeted by plainclothesmen during a night of protests in Izeh while they were in their car. Kian’s father was also paralyzed as a result of serious injuries he sustained during the attack.

Over 500 protesters and bystanders were killed by security forces during the protests across Iran. The regime executed four young men for their alleged role in the killings of government agents in December and January after hasty trials.

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