Quds Day crowd in the ritual of burning an Israeli flag in 2022

Islamic Republic Set To Hold State-Sponsored Anti-Israel Day

Thursday, 04/13/2023

The Islamic Republic is going all out to ensure mass attendance at anti-Israel rallies for Quds Day in another attempt to undermine its archenemy.

Iranian state media is sounding the rallying cry for participation in the annual pro-Palestine event, held on the last Friday of the Muslim fasting month of Ramadan, which is on April 14 this year.

In addition to several organizations affiliated with the Revolutionary Guards, the country's traditional army, the Islamic Republic’s Assembly of Experts for Leadership, and government ministries as well as several Iranian Maraji -- supreme legal authorities for Twelver Shia Muslims – issued statements in the past few days, calling for participation.

Such state-sponsored events are usually shunned by the general public and the regime ends up transporting paramilitary Basij forces and its supporters from small towns to provincial capitals to form demonstrations with large crowds for the façade of mass support.

A large number of students and conscripts who are serving their mandatory military service as well as workers of government organizations are either forced or cajoled into partaking in the event in exchange for food, days off, and financial bonuses.

According to a letter obtained by "IranWire” website, the Physical Education Organization of Tehran province, has ordered directors of sports centers of the province to make sure national teams’ athletes participate in the "Quds Day march".

Women in front of a poster on Quds Day that says "on to Jerusalem" in April 2022

In the letter, Karamali Iraji, a deputy at the Ministry of Sport and Youth, also talked about a “directive by the Tehran’s governor’s office” about forcing the national teams' athletes to show up at 10:30 on Friday morning at Tehran’s Vali-Asr square, one of the main routes of the rallies.

The routes for the rallies are pre-determined by the regime and different recreational booths and gift shops are usually set up along the way. The regime also installed a huge mural at Enghelab (Revolution) square, which leads to Tehran’s main square Azadi. The colossal banner reads, “We will be in Quds in less than 17 years,” referring to remarks by Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei who keeps saying that the Israeli government will fall by then and Muslims will conquer the region.

Iran’s Parliament Speaker Mohammad Bagher Ghalibaf has been announced as the official who will deliver the main speech on the day. The content of the speech is already obvious for Iranians who have been listening to the same statements for at least four decades. It will start with the promulgation of the Palestinian cause and their right to the “occupied territories” and will go on with highlighting “the atrocities by the Zionist regime” and will end with the latest political upheavals inside Israel. Reiterating Khamenei’s views, the speaker will probably predict that Israel will fall within a certain number of years.

A mural advertising Quds day in Tehran

In a post on his Twitter account on Thursday, Iran’s Foreign Ministry spokesman Nasser Kanani posted pictures of a recent meeting between top leaders of the Palestinian and Lebanese resistance movements, Hamas and Hezbollah, both proscribed terror groups in the West. He said: “The balance of power has long shifted – to the detriment of the fake Israeli regime and to the benefit of the Palestinian nation.”

The event, which takes its name from the Arabic-language name for Jerusalem, is held to express support for Palestinians and oppose Israel and Zionism. Directed against Israel’s existence, Al-Quds Day was proclaimed by the founder of the Islamic Republic Ruhollah Khomeini on 7 August 1979. He called on Muslims worldwide to unite in solidarity against Israel and in support of the Palestinians, saying the "liberation" of Jerusalem was a religious duty to all Muslims.”

In Iran, Quds Day also features demonstrations against other countries that the regime deems as enemies, including the United States, the UK and Saudi Arabia. It has now become an international phenomena to perpetuate antisemitic and anti-Israel propaganda among the Muslim world under the auspices of a collective cause propagated by Iran's dictator.

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