Meraj 532, a suicide drone developed by the IRGC's Ground Force, mounted on truck van

Iran Claims Suicide Drone ‘Meraj 532’ Tested Successfully

Sunday, 04/09/2023

Iran’s Revolutionary Guard Corps has claimed it has developed its latest suicide drone as the regime steps up military drone production.

Known as the Meraj 532, it will be used by the IRGC ground force with a one-way range of 450km.

Spokesperson Ali Kouhestani said the easy-setup drone can fly up to a height of 12,000 feet for 3 hours after taking off from a vehicle, adding that with its 50 kg warhead, it has high accuracy.

He boasted that domestic production of drones is progressing at a good speed, and in the near future, other combat, training and suicide drones will be unveiled.

There is no independent confirmation of the suicide drone’s production.

Iran’s provision of drones to Russia in its war against Ukraine - a claim it denies - has led to a host of new sanctions on the republic from countries including the US and Australia, and the European Union.

Drones have also become a key weapon for Iran’s proxies in the region, not least, the Houthis in Yemen, which have used drone attacks not only on domestic targets but further afield against Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates.

Though Iranian officials are known to make claims about military capabilities that cannot be independently verified, the US based Analysts at the Defense Intelligence Agency outlined how Iran had turned from being a regional drone player in the Middle East to becoming Moscow’s most significant military backer in the war.

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