Retired United States Air Force general and former Deputy Commander of the European Command Charles F. Wald, one of the leading signatories of the letter

US Military Officers Urge Washington To Arm Israel Against Iran

Wednesday, 03/22/2023

US military commanders urged the Biden Administration to expedite sales of advanced weapons to Israel to deter and prevent Iran's nuclear threat.

In an open letter published by the Jewish Institute for National Security of America, 44 American generals and admirals wrote, “To confront this pressing high-priority threat, the United States should immediately provide Israel with the advanced weapons it needs to deter and prevent a nuclear Iran.”

The US, Israel’s biggest defense supplier, was urged by the group to “expedite delivery—through outright sale, temporary lease, or prepositioning in Israel—KC-46A aerial refueling tankers, F-15I’s, F-35s, and precision-guided munitions, such as the Joint Direct Attack Munition (JDAM)”.

However, Israel, Iran’s nemesis, currently has its lowest ever approval rating from the Democrats amidst ongoing conflict with the Palestinians which have seen clashes at their worst since the second intifada 20 years ago, and a right-wing government trying to overhaul the judicial system, impose strict religious policies as well as expanding settlement building, contravening international law. 

Iran says its nuclear technology is solely for civil purposes, but its policy of enriching uranium to over 80 percent has no civilian use and only a short step away from bomb-level purity of 90 percent. The nuclear threat is “one of the most pressing strategic challenges America faces today”, according to the group.

“Our military experience has taught us that demonstrating the willingness and capability to use force offers the best chance against having to do so. If a conflict does commence, it is best to possess already the weapons necessary to achieve success,” the group added.

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