Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu

Israeli PM To Hold Talks With Macron Over Iran In Elysée

Thursday, 02/02/2023

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu will discuss Iran with French President Emmanuel Macron in Paris during his first foreign trip after regaining office.

The Israeli Embassy in Paris announced Netanyahu will be in Paris on Thursday, February 2, and an order of priority he first will discuss with Macron the international efforts to stop the nuclear program of the Islamic Republic.

Macron and Netanyahu last met and talked three years ago in Jerusalem.

According to the Israeli embassy, the prime minister will also meet with French businessmen as well as the leaders of the French Jewish community.

The AFP reported that Israel hopes to encourage France to intensify pressure on the Iranian regime during the trip.

France agrees that "firmness" is needed in dealings with Iran, a diplomatic source told AFP, calling its nuclear program "dangerous" and highlighting its role in the Ukraine war.

Referring to Netanyahu's recent statements, AFP said that there seems to be a significant change in Israel's position regarding the war in Ukraine and that Jerusalem is now ready to consider the issue of providing arms to Ukraine.

So far, Israel has been cautious and has preferred to remain neutral in the Ukraine war due to the presence of the Russian army in Syria.

Israel has been able to continue its military air operations over Syria without facing a military response from Russia.

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