The engine of a suspected Iranian drone shot down over Ukraine in October 2022

The engine of a suspected Iranian drone shot down over Ukraine in October

Washington To Probe How US Components End Up In Iranian Drones: CNN

Wednesday, 12/21/2022

US President Joe Biden has launched a task force to see how US and western components are ending up in Iranian drones used in Russia’s war on Ukraine.

CNN reported Wednesday that different departments including Justice, Treasury, Defense, Commerce and State are involved in the task force.

Although strict measures were in effect to prevent the Islamic Republic from obtaining such materials, some evidence shows Tehran has more than enough access to US-made microelectronics that are used in manufacturing drones.

Last month, a UK-based investigative organization found that over 80 percent of the drones downed in Ukraine have components made by US companies.

Conflict Armament Research investigations revealed that processors built by Dallas-based technology company Texas Instruments as well as engines made by Austrian firm owned by Canada’s Bombardier Recreational Products have been used in the drones.

However, both tech companies in separate statements slammed the use of their products in the drones.

Bombardier Recreational Products said it had launched an investigation to see how its engines are used in the drones.

Microelectronic parts, however, are widely available to ordinary consumers even online.

Ukraine’s defense intelligence (GUR) spokesman Andriy Yusov said Monday that Russia has received a new shipment of Iranian-made Shahed-136 kamikaze drones from Iran.

Iran's foreign minister Hossein Amir-Abdollahian once again denied Iran has supplied drones to Russia to be used against Ukraine Monday, while previously he had acknowledged having provided drones to Moscow "before the Ukraine war began."

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