A woman protester in Iran holding a picture of Mahsa Amini who was killed in hijab police custody

International Condemnations Continue Against Iranian Regime

Wednesday, 12/21/2022

Into the fourth month of antigovernment protests in Iran, politicians and civil activists in different countries continue to express support for the movement.

In one of the latest reactions, the President of Italy said the Islamic Republic has “surpassed all limits” in its bloody and brutal crackdown on protests.

Sergio Mattarella said, “what is happening in recent weeks in Iran exceeds all limits and cannot, in any way, be set aside.”

Meanwhile, Golriz Ghahraman, an Iranian member of the New Zealand Parliament, told Iran International that the protest movement is led by a generation that has never experienced freedom and democracy.

US Senator Mike Rounds told Iran International that the extent of the crackdown on peaceful protests in Iran is "unfortunate, but when you have this type of regime which clearly doesn't respect life and who wants to maintain power at any cost you have this type of an outcome. It's unfortunate, and the people of Iran deserve better."

Senator Mitt Romney also told our correspondent that what is happening in Iran is barbaric conduct by the leaders of a country, and it distinguishes them in a very negative way in the world's eyes.

Senator John Cornyn said the extent of the crackdown “is sadly not surprising. It's not a free country, it's a theocracy. We have been doing as much as we can to support Iranian people against this sort of intolerable backlash.”

Senator Tim Kaine also told Iran International’s Arash Aalaei that “We need to figure out new strategies. After Iran's removal from the UN's Commission (on Status of Women), we need to look at other things that we can do to highlight how bad this behavior is, and hopefully put some pressure on them to stop doing it.”

In a video message, a group of Swedish parliamentarians called on all political, social, cultural, and academic activists to unite and organize their efforts to overthrow the Islamic Republic.

Iranians living in Belgium held a rally in front of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to show anger at the regime’s brutality.

A group of Iranians living in Stockholm also gathered outside the Swedish Ministry of Foreign Affairs and performed protest art, demanding the expulsion of the diplomats of the Islamic Republic from this country.

The gatherings are held in a situation that many political and military officials of the Islamic Republic have been sanctioned by countries European, the United States, Canada, Australia, etc.

In Europe not only governments but lawmakers and many public figures have raised their voice to demand an end to Tehran's violation of human rights.

The United Nations Human Rights Council has condemned the government and ordered an investigation by independent experts into the conduct of government officials in Iran.

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