Protests in Iran (file photo)

Protests in Iran

People In Several Iranian Cities Hold Anti-Regime Protests

Monday, 12/19/2022

Reports from Iran say people have poured into streets in several cities following calls by underground groups to hold nationwide protests for three days starting Monday.

Based on reports on social media, people in Tehran, Mashhad, Rasht, Mahabad, Kermanshah, and several others have taken to streets to protest against the clerical regime.

In the capital Tehran people have held a gathering in a subway station chanting “Death to Dictator” and “Death to Khamenei”.

Some say a large crowd gathered at Enghelab Square in downtown Tehran without chanting slogans, but regime forces attacked to disperse them. The internet is reportedly cut off around Tehran.

In Javanrud west of Iran, a large group gathered for the funeral of Mohammad Haji Rasoulpour, who was earlier killed by security forces. The funeral ceremony turned into a protest with people chanting, “Martyrs don’t die!”

In Mahabad, West Azarbaijan province, residents marked the 40th day after the murder of Faeq Mam-Ghaderi by government forces, chanting anti-regime slogans.

Similar gatherings have also been reported in Rasht, Mashhad and Golshahr west of Tehran.

Reports say the Revolutionary Guard (IRGC) has been flying choppers over some Kurdish cities including Sardasht, Piranshahr, and Oshnavieh for the second consecutive day.

The protests in Iran began following the death of Mahsa Amini in police custody in mid-September. Nearly 500 people have been killed by the security forces and thousands have been detained so far.

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