The Time magazine has crowned the women of Iran as heroes of the year in 2022 for their role as the pioneers of the uprising against the Islamic Republic.

The US magazine has described Iranian women as “educated, secular, liberal” who took to the streets after the death of the young Kurdish Mahsa Amini to say, “they have the freedom to say and wear anything.”

Former Time columnist Azadeh Moaveni in a tribute has written about women's roles in past protests in Iran that have built toward the current movement.

A number of photos of Iranian women have been mentioned for the tribute. A photo by a woman named Shima is captioned as "I am proud of myself and my country’s women who stand up for their rights in a braver manner than any man in the world.”

Moaveni says “when a generation’s aspirations for freedom appear tantalizingly within reach, the more humiliating the remaining restrictions seem, and the less daunting the final stretch of resistance feels.”

“At this writing, an estimated 400 Iranian protesters have been killed by security forces… Despite measures to block the internet, reports continue to surface of deaths and abuse in custody. After nearly three months, protests on college campuses are not letting up,” read’s the tribute.

Moaveni also adds what’s happening in Iran may look familiar, but it’s different because, today, the aspirations of all swirled into the chants of “women, life, freedom,” a feminist revolt carrying a whole society’s varied grievances.

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