Special police units dispersing protesters in Tehran's Lalehzar street on October 12, 2022

Special police units dispersing protesters in Tehran's Lalehzar street on October 12, 2022

Canada Condemns Government Violence Against Iranian Protesters

Saturday, 11/26/2022

Canada’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs has strongly condemned the detention of demonstrators and the violent suppression of civilians in Iran.

In response to Iran International, a spokesperson for Canada’s Global Affairs Department categorically condemned Iran’s arrest of protestors and the continuing violent crackdown on people, which has caused additional deaths and injuries in blatant violation of their human rights.

“We urge Iran to meaningfully address the grievances of all of its citizens without discrimination and to protect and respect their right to peaceful protest,” said the spokesperson.

“We salute the courage of all Iranians, especially women and girls, who are exercising their right to freedom of expression and freedom of peaceful assembly and association. We join them in sending the regime a very clear message: they must end all forms of persecution and violence against women.”

On the other hand, Canada's ministers of foreign affairs, international development and the minister responsible for the Pacific Economic Development Agency of Canada, wrote in a joint statement that Ottawa will continue to stand firmly with the Iranian people and for the human right of women, girls and gender-diverse people.

“Right now, women in Iran are leading a powerful and necessary call to end violence against women and girls. The killing of Mahsa Amini while in the custody of the so-called morality police has sparked a courageous, global movement to stand up for a more fair and inclusive future for women and girls in Iran,” reads the statement.

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