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The logo of the Iranian Short Film Association

Iran’s Short Film Association Denounces Regime’s Killing Of Children

Sunday, 11/20/2022

The Iranian Short Film Association has condemned the killing of youngsters and children by government forces saying that from now on it will stand with the people of Iran.

In a statement on Saturday, ISFA slammed the killing of Kian Pirfalak, the 10-year-old boy who was killed by security forces who fired at his family car in the city of Izeh, adding that “From now on, we will live and work in reality and stand where the dear people of Iran stand.”

ISFA also condemned “many redlines” by the Islamic Republic in filmmaking such as “infanticide”, adding that this time children are killed not in the movies but in a very horrifying way on streets.

Since the uprising, at least 47 children have been killed by security forces, with Kian Pirfalak killing as one of the most shocking incidents that aroused strong public anger.

The production of any short or feature film in the Islamic Republic requires a license from the ministry of culture and Islamic guidance, but the Short Film Association has stated that “from now on, retaining rights and expression of opinion does not need any license except the will of the nation.”

More than two months since the beginning of nationwide protests, the government is still heavily suppressing demonstrators. So far, nearly 400 people have been killed including women and children. As the number rapidly rises, the Islamic Republic refuses to accept responsibility and attributes the killings to terrorist and foreign groups.

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