Commander of Iran's Revolutionary Guard Hossein Salami has threatened the Islamic Republic's “enemies,” claiming that they are frightened and on alert mode. 

Salami made the remarks during a ceremony to commemorate the 11th death anniversary of Hassan Tehrani Moqaddam, one of Iran’s earliest missile architects, who was killed when a huge explosion rocked a missile base 30 miles from Tehran in November 2012.

Moghaddam was among 17 top IRGC officers killed that day, in what many believed was an operation by Israeli intelligence. The incident was so shocking that even Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei attended the funeral at the time.

Salami said that "the enemies" are sending regular messages to Iran, pleading not to be targeted by a military response, without specifying which enemies. “Now it is a number of days that enemies do not have peace and are on alert. 

Since popular protests began in Iran, the clerical regime has threatened Western countries and Saudi Arabia, claiming they are behind the unrest. The IRGC commander added, “Those sitting in glass houses in Riyadh, Tel Aviv, New York, and Paris are designers of riots.”

Salami added that “we targeted the anti-revolution [groups] in the Iraqi Kurdistan region, held a major military drill along Aras River, launched a satellite-carrying rocket, tested Bavar 373 missile system with a range of 300km, and we announced yesterday that we have developed a new missile that no missile defense system is able to confront it.”

“Enemies should know that if they targeted one of us, we will target all of them,” referring to the killing of IRGC’s Quds (Qods) commander Qasem Soleimani. “You targeted our Qasem but we will target all of you and expel you from the region,” he maintained. 

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