Nasrin Ghaderi

Enraged By Killing Of PhD Student Kurds Clash With Iran’s Police

Sunday, 11/06/2022

Outraged by the killing of a Kurdish female university student, the people of the western city of Marivan have poured into streets chanting “Death to Khamenei.”

Iranian Ph.D. candidate Nasrin Ghaderi, 35, who was studying philosophy in Tehran died on Saturday after being beaten by security forces with baton during Friday protests.

Under the regime's pressure, however, her father announced she died of flu and an underlying disease.

Videos on social media show Nasrin's body has been laid to rest in the city of Marivan in western Iran amid tight security both at the cemetery and the victim’s family home.

Iran's official news agency IRNA has dismissed media reports that Nasrin was killed with baton strikes, saying she was "spending her normal life" when her family suddenly lost touch with her, and once their son-in-law broke into her place of residence in Tehran, they found her dead.

Reports received by Iran International say gunshots were heard in Marivan and clashes were underway between protesters and security forces in several districts of the city.

Kurdish cities in western Iran have been the center of anti-government protests after Mahsa Amini, who was a Kurdish girl, was killed by police in custody in mid-September.

The Islamic Republic has killed over 300 including 41 children and 24 women since then during protests to say that Mahsa Amini has not been killed by police.

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