Hacktivists Warn Iran Regime Of Nuclear Whistleblowing

Saturday, 10/22/2022

A hacker group says it has obtained documents on the Islamic Republic’s atomic activities and will publish them if the government does not stop clampdown on protesters.

The group calling itself the Black Reward claimed on Friday that the internal email system of Iran's Nuclear Power Production and Development Company was hacked.

Black Reward warned that it will publish the data it has obtained within 24 hours unless the Islamic Republic releases all political prisoners and detained protesters.

There has been no reaction from the government so far.

The hacktivist group said the Islamic Republic’s officials well know what impact the release of these hacked data will have on their “sloppy nuclear program.”

“There's no solution but giving in to the popular demands, which means the end of the Islamic Republic,” said Black Reward.

Earlier in the week, the group also announced that it hacked the emails of managers and employees of Press TV, the government’s international English news channel.

Black Reward asked the journalists of this network to be the “voice of the people” while the Islamic Republic is cracking down the anti-government protests.

Several other hacktivist groups including Anonymous launched cyberattacks on government institutions since the beginning of protests to topple the regime.

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