Kazem Gharibabadi, the international deputy in Iran's Judiciary

Tehran Calls For Designation Of Iran International, BBC As ‘Terrorists’

Saturday, 10/22/2022

Iran's hardliner Judiciary says Persian-speaking TV channels based in London, including Iran International must be designated as “terrorist groups”.

Judiciary’s Deputy Kazem Gharibabadi said on Saturday that Iran International, BBC Persian and all their personnel have to be added to the list of terrorist groups and individuals.

He further threatened that legal measures will be taken against these TV channels that are beaming programs into Iran.

“These two TV networks are directing and inciting riots in Iran through promoting terrorist actions and encouraging people to destroy public and private property,” noting that they are providing training on how to provoke conflicts and make relevant equipment.

Iran has been harassing journalists of foreign-based Persian media for more than a decade, threatening their families in Iran and confiscating some property. The targeted media outlets are the BBC Persian, Manoto TV, Iran International, the US financed Voice of America and Radio Farda.

Elsewhere in his remarks, Gharibabadi accused the UK and Saudi Arabia of supporting the Persian-speaking TV channels.

On Monday, commander of Iran’s Revolutionary Guard Hossein Salami also threatened Riyadh over the coverage of nationwide protests in Iran by the media it allegedly controls.

Salami claimed that Saudis are trying to provoke the Iranian youth, threatening that if they do not control their media the consequences will be unavoidable.

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