Iran's exiled Prince Reza Pahlavi speaking in Washington DC on Oct. 20, 2022

Exiled Prince Says Iran’s Protests Will Change The World

Thursday, 10/20/2022

Iran’s exiled Prince Reza Pahlavi says the current events in Iran will change the world, and for this reason, the best for the world is a regime change in Iran.

In a speech in Washington DC on Thursday, he said the most important thing for the international community is to help change the Iranian regime if they want to resolve their concerns.

“This is the will of the people themselves, and in what language should people tell the world not to leave us alone?” he stressed.

He went on to say that if the foreign countries realize that the Iranian regime may be overthrown at any moment, they should have a plan regarding what to do next.

Furthermore, Prince Reza Pahlavi noted that the best way to achieve this goal is to have a dialogue with the real representatives of the Iranian people.

“Now the youth in Iran are objecting to the international community asking why they do not support their protests. They say we die with empty hands, and they shoot our children because our only demand is freedom,” underscored Reza Pahlavi.

He gave an example saying that if the world had not put pressure on South Africa, anti-apartheid activist Nelson Mandela would have died many times in prison.

Elsewhere in his remarks, the son of the late Shah said Iranians living in Canada can take the next steps and prepare the ground for an official dialogue between the government of Canada and the Iranian opposition.

Urging different Iranian political groups to be united to topple the regime, he said that "one of the excuses of the international community was the polylogue of different political opposition groups in and out of Iran. Therefore, “we must get united so that pro-democracy forces open dialogue with the world.”

“The most obvious matter is which scenario would be a win-win. The destruction of the Islamic Republic will solve many problems, including in some other countries such as Venezuela,” reiterated Reza Pahlavi emphasizing he is certain that under the rule of people a bright future awaits Iran, but “victory depends on our persistence and unity.”

In response to a question by Iran International, Prince Reza Pahlavi said at the current phase, the most important thing is to support domestic movements and seek cooperation between opposition inside and outside of the country.

Call For Transitional Government

“The more regime forces are disunited, the easier it is to fight until we reach the stage of collapse. From now on, it is necessary to plan for the transitional government,” underscored the prince.

Regarding his role in the future government of Iran Reza Pahlavi said “I only believe in a democratic secular government, and I do not see any role for myself. Our only goal is to reach the day when people go to the polls freely.”

“I have never sought power and I will not be a defender of any form of government in future elections. I respect all forms of democratic government.”

He further restated that most pro-democracy forces agree that a Constituent Assembly will decide on the differences between the groups.

“An interim government should take measures such as guaranteeing people's freedoms and rights, securing people's livelihood, regulating foreign policy to ensure Iran's interests, and holding a referendum,” noted the Iranian prince.

He also went on to say that the interim government of Iran must be pluralistic, otherwise it cannot build the foundations of democracy.

“The new generation has adopted decentralized skills and does not need centralized and individual-based leadership. I am glad that my attempt to advocate for a system-centered approach instead of a person-centered one was accepted by the Iranians,” he noted.

Call on Armed Forces to Defect

In another part of his statements, Prince Reza Pahlavi said all those who wear military uniforms, especially soldiers, are obliged to protect people’s lives and property and at least disrupt the regime’s repression mechanism.

He urged the armed forces to keep the oath they have taken and decide about their collaboration “with the weak regime and its helpless leader as soon as possible.”

Reza Pahlavi warned the armed forces saying that “anyone, who creates a rift among the people to shatter their unity, will only help the Islamic Republic to stay in power longer.”

Actions to Bring Regime to Its Knees

He added that some funds will be established in different countries to support strikes in Iran based on the laws of these countries. Also, a special fund may be established to cover the cost of Starlink satellite internet transmitters for Iran.

Reza Pahlavi went on to say that the International Criminal Court can deal with crimes in countries at the request of the UN Security Council members.

“We want even the guiltiest criminals in the Islamic Republic to be held accountable in a fair manner. This is our difference with the government of the Islamic Republic.”

He also called on the United Nations to form a commission in its Human Rights Council to deal with government crimes in Iran. He also urged UNICEF to conduct a special investigation on the killing of children in Iran.

Referring to the recent mass protests in Canada, Prince Reza Pahlavi said these protests led to effective sanctioning of 10,000 senior IRGC officers.

However, he pointed out that “these victories should not stop us but should become a launchpad to demand the expulsion of the diplomats of the Islamic Republic and stopping useless negotiations with the regime.”

He praised the “unprecedented unity” of Iranians at this juncture, saying that this movement has stunned the world.

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