Civil activist Hossein Ronaghi

Jailed Dissident Journalist’s Life Is In Danger – Family

Friday, 10/14/2022

The family of Hossein Ronaghi, a civil activist who was arrested and imprisoned during the clampdown on the ongoing protests in Iran, say his life is in danger. 

His brother Hassan Ronaghi wrote in a tweet on Friday that "the Islamic Republic intends to kill my brother Hossein." 

“They kept him in prison without treatment and medicine, with a broken leg and a sick body, while he is vomiting blood,” he said, emphasizing that his life is in danger.

The dissident blogger and freedom activist was arrested over his support for protests late in September, and prison guards broke his leg in detention. 

He was arrested several times in the past decade and has staged hunger strikes in prison. Ronaghi was first arrested, along with his brother Hassan, in the aftermath of the disputed presidential elections in 2009 for helping journalists and political activists to circumvent internet censorship. He was also charged with insulting Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei in his blog posts.

In an interview with Germany's Bild published on January 28, Ronaghi spoke about losing his kidney while in Evin Prison. "I'm still suffering from the effects of the torture, but the good thing is that I'm still alive and can continue," he said.

While many top officials in Iran are adamant that the current uprising – sparked after the death of 22-year-old Mahsa Amini in hijab police custody -- must be crushed violently, some regime insiders are beginning to explore peaceful alternatives, as protesters take to the streets daily. 

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