White House National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan (file photo)

White House National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan

US To Hold Accountable Those Who Use Violence To Silence Iranian Protests

Monday, 10/10/2022

White House National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan said Monday that the entire world is watching the current situation in Iran, reiterating that the United States stands with the Iranians. 

In a series of tweets, Sullivan said that “The world is watching what is happening in Iran,” pointing to several innocent protestors, including a young girl, who were shot dead over the weekend. 

He decried the remarks by Iran’s President Ebrahim Raisi who compared protestors to “flies,” noting that “These protestors are Iranian citizens, led by women and girls, demanding dignity and basic rights.”

He vowed to stand behind the protesters, saying that Washington will hold responsible those using violence in a vain effort to silence their voices.

On Saturday, October 8, Sullivan spoke with Iranian women’s and human rights activists about how the US can continue to support protestors in Iran. 

US Envoy for Iran Rob Malley told NPR last week that "What the US wants is a government in Iran that respects people's fundamental rights. It's not a policy of regime change. It's a policy of backing people who're protesting peacefully, because they want to be able not to wear a headscarf yet face an oppressive system."

Washington on October 6 imposed sanctions on seven Iranian officials over the shutdown of internet access and the crackdown on peaceful protesters. The EU are also putting significant pressure on Iran to stop Tehran from mistreatment of citizens

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